What is Beter Peter?

What is Beter Peter?

Honestly, It is a joke which turned into a company for some reason.

In my 4th year of high school I had some weird friends. We started joking around during classes and came up with this amazing name: Beter peter. We started writing it on our arms, on tables, on walls, you get the idea.

After a few weeks we discovered that writing on our arms was actually really fun. With me and my friends, things start getting out of hand really quickly.

My arm after a long day of boring classes…

2 weeks later we registered a website for beterpeter. At first it was a useless website where we made fun of each other, but I started to experiment with webdesign there.

During summer holiday I started designing websites for some extra money, which is why I needed to register a company. I don’t know why, but for some reason I used BeterPeter. With my company I started designing more websites and I even started teaching computer programming to a few kids in primary school, but I’ll tell that story another time.

So there you go, that is the story of Beter Peter.